To The Readers

I must apologize for the styling of our articles that have been posted. I also want to apologize for any typos that may have slipped through the cracks. Our editors are doing a wonder job at managing and correcting the typos and other errors that occur.

Outside of these problems, we recognize that our articles have a styling issue and we are actively working to correct that. We are learning more about how to work with WordPress’ formats and hope to make all our future posts uniformly styled. Please bear with us as we correct the problem. In addition, we’ll be fixing the format and styling of older posts.

We hope that you all are learning a lot of spiritual knowledge. We want to assure you that we are also learning and studying our bibles as much as we urge you to study. As we learn from the word of God, we will share what God reveals.

Lastly, we noticed there was a link error on the About the 2 Olive Trees page. We have corrected this as well. Any reader that may have clicked the link to the Philadelphia Church of God would have been directed to the wrong web address. I’m mentioning this because I want you all to have access to writings about biblical concepts we may not have touched upon yet. 

God bless…

-Bryant Muldrew 

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