2 Olive Trees Update: Letters from Bryant Muldrew

Recently, I watched a Key of David video called Abandon the Constitution? presented by Gerald Flurry which inspired me to release a series of letters I wrote approximately one year ago.

Providing Context

Previously I was an organizer for several nonprofit organizations whose work was centered on public education. After participating in many circles of political organizers for 8 years, I realized that I could no longer do the work I was doing. I also recognized that the work I was doing was not going to make the drastic changes we need in education and the larger society. For this reason and many others, I resigned from my positions at various prominent local and national organizations.

Leading up to my resignation, I began to meet with local community organizations to discuss real change we could make in our communities because I knew that I was going to resign soon. In these discussions, I encountered the same narrow visions I experienced in larger organizing circles. During this time I wrote two letters to the communities I intended to work in after resigning. After much contemplation, I decided that I would not release the letters.

Shortly after this decision, I decided to resign. Immediately after resigning, I began to write for another nonprofit organization instead of completely abandoning the idea of organizing. For approximately nine months, I wrote about the state of public education. During this time, I realized that all the work I had done throughout my life was meaningless in regards to my religious faith which should be most important to me.

At the end of my writing contract, I started this site to contribute to God’s work at the Philadelphia Church of God. At this point in my life, I only desire to serve God and assist His work wherever I can.

After watching the video I previously mentioned, I began to think of the two letters I wrote. I have decided that they are completely relevant to the state of our society and must be released. In our next few posts at the 2 Olive Trees I intend to include these letters.

The purpose of this brief writing is to explain the purpose of  these letters that will be posted and their connection with the reasons why I started this site. Please be sure to watch the video. It will help you understand why I wrote these letters as well.

God Bless…

-Bryant Muldrew

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