An Apology and 2019 Updates

Dear Readers,

            First, let me apologize for my inconsistent posts. Many things have come up that have caused me to neglect this work. I maintain this website free of charge because of the high regard I have for the Word of God. I hope and pray that the posts on this website have been a blessing to all who read them. Allow me to explain some of the recent events in my life.

            I am a father of seven children who are homeschooled by my lovely wife. We made the decision because child care services would take the whole income of one parent. Consequently, our household has operated off my income alone. Couple this with the corrupt state of public education and we reached the decision of my wife being a stay-at-home mother.

            As of last February, I began to experience financial trouble because of the company I worked for. Since then, I have changed employment, but I am still experiencing financial trouble. More details about my financial problems can be found in this link to my fundraiser. I have been doing odd jobs and trying to make extra money when I can. This has caused me to neglect this website when the next bill is due. This is a sad reality I am trying to overcome. The Lord has blessed me so that I still have a roof over my head, therefore I am compelled to continue to maintain this website.

Things to Come

            I have been generating content for The 2 Olive Trees; however, much of this content remains in draft form and must be edited. Over the coming weeks, I will begin editing and post content on a weekly basis (my usual schedule). Much of the content on this website is used as Bible studies for my family. I urge you to do the same. Share the truth with those you love, but never force them to accept your beliefs. To force your views on someone actually pushes them away.

            In addition, I have launched another website that deals with politics and morality. Much like The 2 Olive Trees, this website promotes principles from the Bible; however, I don’t quote from the Bible. The website mostly exists as a vehicle for me to earn extra income from content production. My hope was to generate enough income so I can refuse donations for The 2 Olive Trees website. I have many different skills, so I have been trying to use these skills to solve my financial problems. I will continue to produce content for my political website as a means of becoming financially independent. You are welcome to view the content on my YouTube channel and follow my work there.

            In conjunction with the previously mentioned, I have begun writing a book about character and the end times. This book is going to be a study of the life King David. I often study his life when I am going through trials. In this current trial, I began to think I needed to share the many lessons I have learned from reading about David. At the same time, I believe the biggest trial any of us will face is drawing closer. I truly believe The Great Tribulation is coming. How soon? I do not know, but I do know character is of important concern to God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. The book I am writing will discuss developing strong character like David and what character has to do with the Great Tribulation. Follow this link to read the preface of the book. Please note, I will be adding excerpts from the book to the website as portions of the text is completed. When the book is complete, I will make an electronic version available for free. I do not believe in selling biblical truth.

            Lastly, I pray that you all remain in good health and that you prosper. Please pray for me and my family. If you can help me financially; your donation will be greatly appreciated. Remember I do not maintain this website for money because it is against my beliefs, but I do need help right now. In addition, a fundraising link will be added to the homepage and will be immediately removed if (and when) I am out of hot water. If you cannot donate, please consider sharing the fundraiser’s link. I’m in a very desperate situation and I need all the help I can get. I know the Lord will make a way as He always does. Pray that I find patience and peace.

God bless you all!

-Bryant Muldrew

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