About The 2 Olive Trees

The 2 Olive Trees was started by Bryant Muldrew who believes God has inspired him to create this site. His goal is to do his part in spreading the truth about man’s purpose, God’s Law, and prophecy. The primary focus of most of the writings on this site was God’s Law. Recently, the site has refocused to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. The 2 Olive Trees’ overall purpose is to support God’s work.

This objective will be met through:

  • Writings articles, blogs, and bible studies about scripture and exploring the true doctrine and gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Conveying scriptural messages through music and art

The Two Olive Trees also support the work of the Philadelphia Church of God. Bryant Muldrew believes their work is inspired by God. Their websites are www.pcg.church and www.thetrumpet.com

As our work expands, we intend to add additional information to this page.

2 thoughts on “About The 2 Olive Trees

  1. My apologies to anyone who clicked the link to the Philadelphia Church of God. We had the wrong link. We’ve corrected the problem. Be sure to click the link to see the wonderful work God is doing through them.

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