A Letter from Bryant Muldrew: The Bonds of New Friendship in Religion and Morality

Grace be unto you and peace from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ. I pray this letter reaches you and your families in health. In earnest prayer, I ask for your mental and physical health and especially for the gift of sound judgment in all your moral endeavors.

In an attempt to establish the bonds of a new friendship, I must formally introduce myself. I am Bryant Muldrew. I, like you, am an observer of this horrific reality (though there is hope) we exist through; not only by powers outside of ourselves, but also by our moral and political indifference. This indifference is not only by any fault of our own, but is a result of the marriage of political corruption and the general public’s neglect to correct this corruption. In our silence, we give room for debased moral practices in the public sphere which is reflected by the manifestation of the same practices in the private sphere. In our private lives, we exist as mirrors of our leaders. No leader can be excluded from contributing godly and/or ungodly examples for us to parrot. Consequently, it is every man’s duty to select that man which is godly (or aspires to be godly) as his leader in wisdom. By no means am I referring to electing a man. I am referring to being careful with who we identify ourselves. This includes who and what we choose to emulate.

In saying this, I urge you not to separate yourself from your nationality and religion; for it is in these two men are bound one to another. If you are American, wear the title with pride. Not with the pride of arrogance, but with the pride of dignity and self-respect; to the practice of morality and defending the liberty of your countrymen. This country was designed for this purpose. Liberty can only be maintained by an informed moral public; every man observing the next as his brother under God the Father. Be not divided by illusions of race as some of our fathers were. For the Lord surely made every man equally after His own image, but men have made themselves black, white, African-American, Caucasian, and the like. Biblically speaking, men were divided by nation not by race. And indeed the nation you associate with was and is a reflection of your morality and religion. So I say unto you again, if you are American, wear it with pride, understanding the true foundation of this nation is upon morality and religion; which without there would be no liberty. George Washington said, “The name of American, which belongs to you, in your national capacity, must always exalt the just pride of patriotism, more than any appellation derived from local discriminations. With slight shades of difference, you have the sane religion, manners, habits, and principles.” Is the same true to today? This was at the time in American history where everyone’s liberty was at the forefront of concern (despite the obvious illusion of race and sex).

You and I both have observed a decline in the liberty in which we know we should have. Additionally, every day yields new violence against the liberty we hold dear, more specifically religion. This is no accident or natural phenomenon which we cannot understand. This spiral of destruction exists because we have abandoned morality and religion. As a result, a parasitic system has used our government as a host body and an instrument of our destruction. Dismiss these words not as conspiracy theory. You know in your heart that there is an hypocritical manner to our government, saying one thing with words and implementing that which is opposite of those words. Be aware and cautious of statements made by political figures promoting safety with their left hand while subverting your liberty to their subjection with their right hand. You know well the subversive tactics of those in power, but know you this: there is a power beyond their own that manipulates their will as well. Pray and search your conscious for the truth of these things I write to you.

Lastly, I pray for you again, that peace might be unto you from God. There is much more that must be communicated unto you, but this letter is meant to greet you in the brotherhood of the liberty of God. I pray that these words will cultivate the law of liberty, God’s law, in your mind and morality in your heart. If these things trouble you, let it trouble you to action, declaring truth unto peers, and to the restoration of the principles on which the constitution and this government were founded upon.

Sincerely with blessings and love,
Bryant Muldrew

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