Looking For the Next Hitler

Senator Rand Paul said in a recent filibuster that, “even a democracy gets it wrong.” Senator Paul’s statement is absolutely true. He mentions that in the chaos of 1930’s Hitler was elected democratically. As the world falls deeper and deeper into chaos, Americans are looking at the current administration for the next Hitler. The chaos that exists in the United States cannot be compare with the chaos in Europe. Think of the countless bailouts, the riots, and the civil unrest sweeping across the European continent.

So Americans are looking at the wrong seats of power to find the next Hitler. Daniel 8  tells of a man understanding dark sentences that shall arise in the end time. This man is the same as the king of the north in Daniel 11 and 12. Biblical prophecy shows that this man will rule a kingdom of the north. This kingdom in the north is Europe.

In Europe’s current state of chaos, there is a movement to consolidate power under the European Union (EU). The civil unrest in Europe will lead to the arrival of this king; mostly likely through a democratic process. History has proven, that in times chaos evil men are chosen to lead. Expect history to repeat itself in Europe.

Even now, the EU has used the bailouts to control the governments of many of its member states consolidating power unto itself. In this process, there have been talks of creating a position of “super-president.” The EU Observer mentions the discussion of this idea in April 2012.

“Ideas kicking around in a reflection group of select EU foreign ministers include merging the roles of the EU Council and European Commission presidents,” wrote Andrew Rettman of the EU Observer. He goes on to refer to the merger as a super-president position. This position would centralize the duties of EU Council president and the European Commission president into one seat of power. This position would also take on the responsibilities of the EU’s rotating presidency.

The world’s axis is now spinning around Europe once again. Vice-President Joe Bidden was reported as saying, “President Obama and I continue to believe that Europe is the cornerstone of our engagement with the rest of the world, and is the catalyst for our global cooperation…”

Anne Applebaum of the Washington Post amplifies this idea in her article Can the E.U. Become the World’s Policeman?

“Fortunately, there is another power that shares our economic and political values, that possesses sophisticated military technology and is also very interested in stopping the progress of fanatical movements, especially in North Africa and the Middle East. That power is Europe,” Ms. Applebaum writes referring to America’s decline in global affairs. Europe is now beginning to take more aggressive measures in regards to international relations. And Germany is rising as the real seat of power behind the EU.

Despite EU’s emergence as a superpower, it is still in chaos. Expect this chaos to end at the arrival of a leader who can use the power of the EU’s bureaucracy to bring this powerhouse into full dominance.

Again, Senator Paul is correct. In times of chaos, Hitler-like leaders come into power. Look to Europe to see the emergence of a new Hitler. As America declines from its position as world superpower, the EU will rise to fill the power vacuum.

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