False Doctrine: Burning For Eternity in Hell

The concept of an eternally burning hell is taught in most denominations of Christianity. Is this a biblically based concept? While many ministers cite bible verses as justification of this theory, they often misinterpret the meaning of what hell is. The question of hell brings up the prerequisite question: Are souls immortal? Let’s explore this.   Are Souls Immortal?  Contrary to popular belief, souls are … Continue reading False Doctrine: Burning For Eternity in Hell

Keeping Your Mind on Righteous Things

Today I read an article by Stephen Flurry on the theTrumpet.com about focusing our thoughts on the righteous things of God which helped me correct a behavior that I needed to correct. Sometimes I allow my mind to focus on things that aren’t righteous and I desire to change that. If you have a similar problem and want to solve it, then this article is … Continue reading Keeping Your Mind on Righteous Things

Will God Forgive Every Sin?

Many Christians take the position that God will forgive them for everything they do. It is true that God is a very loving God. Scripture tells us this specifically. “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16 KJV) Many take this verse, ignoring many other verses, … Continue reading Will God Forgive Every Sin?

As You Prepare for New Year’s

by Bryant Muldrew  Many are preparing to celebrate the New Year’s arrival. Parties, resolutions, and many other customs are being planned in conjunction with the New Year. Very few people take the time to think about how the new year was established and whether it is truly the beginning of the year. For the Christian, the source of the beginning of the year can be … Continue reading As You Prepare for New Year’s

The End of the World

by Bryant Muldrew Due to the common acceptance of superstitions, many believe that the world will end this month. The end of the world has been foretold by every self-proclaimed prophet, astrologer, and a host of others mystics. The unfortunate reality is that many of people who subscribe to these fortunetellers call themselves Christians. What does the bible have to say about the end of … Continue reading The End of the World

The Solution to Mass Shootings

By Bryant Muldrew The recent school shooting in Connecticut is an awful tragedy. Many are discussing what new guns laws our country needs in order to combat mass shootings such as the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Is the answer to this immoral act more gun laws? We know that the young man who committed this act of violence broke several gun laws when … Continue reading The Solution to Mass Shootings

Christmas: Ignoring the History

by Bryant Muldrew Many devout christmas keepers would like to ignore the obvious pagan origins of the holidays they keep. When participating in any secular or religious celebration, be careful that you’re not participating in ignorance. We should always understand the history of things we participate in daily, monthly, yearly, etc.  Despite this point, many will still choose to ignore the history of their favorite … Continue reading Christmas: Ignoring the History