The Gospel in the Old Testament

Over the last few months, I have recommitted myself to spreading God’s message as recorded in the Bible. This required me to comb through the pages of the Bible deliberately looking for the verses that expressly show forth the gospel message taught by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This study has taken several months, and it is still ongoing. After feeling sufficiently equipped to write Bible studies again, I began compiling a list of verses that supported the message Jesus Christ taught His disciples. I am certain that as my understanding of the Lord’s message increases, I will discover verses I may have overlooked. Nevertheless, I have been constantly publishing Bible studies for the benefit of others.

My goal is to spend the rest of my physical life studying and sharing what the Lord is showing me through His word. This has been a goal of mine for a very long time; however, I have on occasion allowed distractions to deter me from accomplishing that which is set before me. My real hope is that I can bring forth fruit worthy of repentance as Jesus Christ taught (Luke 3:8) and freely give as I have received (Matt. 10:7-8).

The purpose of this personal note is to expand how I freely give. I am making the list of verses pertaining to the gospel preached by Jesus Christ available for anyone who chooses to download it. I cannot in good conscience hold back anything that would be profitable for you as Paul told the Ephesians in Acts 20:20. Today, I am making the Old Testament verses that pertain to the gospel available. There are two versions available. The New Testament verses will be made available in the coming weeks.

I’m using this list to generate the Bible studies that will be posted on this site, but study these verses at your leisure and own pace. I am limited to a certain pace of production because I must work like many of you to provide for my family. I will try to continue at this current rate of production, but I have other projects I am committed to as well. Thus, this list is being made available so that you don’t need to wait upon any man to study your own bible. Earnestly seek understanding from God and He will bless you as you hunger and thirst after righteousness (Matt. 5:6).

In the coming weeks, I will begin to visit the churches in my area to preach the message that Jesus Christ preached and commanded His disciples to do so. If you study the New Testament, Jesus and His disciples did not go unto the unbelievers to preach. They went unto those who professed to believe but where dramatically off course. They preached in homes and synagogues. My goal is not to reinvent the wheel, but to follow in the footsteps of great men of God. I hope that you are also moving towards letting your light shine so that others may glorify our Father in heaven (Matt. 5:16)

I want to encourage you to study as much as you can in these dark days because they will get darker. The Bible tells us that Jesus Christ is the light and the Holy Scriptures are a lamp for us. Study hard and commit yourselves to the work of God. God bless you all.

-Bryant Muldrew

Below are the two versions of the list of gospel verses in the Old Testament:

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